Part I: Three Fragments of a Lost Tale

Here is a small selection from the thousands of photographs we have taken for Part I of the project. There are several galleries in series here, and a few more in Available works. If your interested in going deeper, check out the link for Drawings...
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  • 012-Listen
  • 026-The Boy Before Birth and After Death
  • 016-CBO on Stage
  • 058-The CB Box inside
  • 060-Working
  • 054-Do You Know What Time It Is
  • 019-Words Words Words
  • 056-Contact
  • 050-Animation Still 9
  • 049-CBM Among the Tottentanzers
  • 047-Above Argus
  • 039-CBM Travels to the Lost Atelier
  • 038-O-Man
  • 035-TTs in The Can
  • 033-Animation Still 8
  • 030-The Ageless Chamber
  • 029-Animation Still 6
  • 028-Animation Still 5
  • 027-The Tottentanzers Performing the Palace of Sleep
  • 025-Pom in the Silhouette Cutters Hut
  • 020-The Boy and the Bear
  • 013-Animation Still 3
  • 010-Pip and the Bed
  • 007-Animation Still 2
  • 001-Animation Still 1
  • 055-Poor Toms Library III
  • 053-Bucket gets a Lesson
  • 022-The Tottentanzers Strike a Pose
  • 004-To See What I See
  • 018-Scratch
  • 017-This is My Body
  • 057-The CB Box
  • 002-The Inner World
  • 059-A Moment of True Feeling

Here's more  information about the Individual Characters.  We have also created a few Short Edition Prints which we feel can stand alone as works of art.  Find them here.