Despite any appearances to the contrary, we have extremely limited financial resources available to continue our work. Filming of The Tale of the Crippled Boy is an undertaking with complex needs, and it’s one that will require significant funding to continue into Part II.  We find ourselves in the position of having a body of work that cannot be sold, since we must keep all of the characters and sets together to animate. We are asking for the direct assistance of anyone who would like to help us to maintain our creative independence. You can take an active roll in the project by participating in any or all of the following ways.

Spread The Word

Please link to our website from your blog, send it out to your email contacts, or discuss it on your social networking pages. You can also subscribe to receive email updates on the project.

Contribute / Donate  (Receive a One-Of-A-Kind-Drawing)

All donations made here go directly to the production of the Films and are an essential part of the picture that allows us to continue our work on a truly Independent basis. Contributions in ANY amount are sincerely appreciated. Anyone who can Contribute $50 or more will receive a card from “Three Fragments of a Lost Tale,” that has A one-of-a-kind drawing Signed by the Artist.  Each card is stamped with a single issue official USPS stamp made specifically for “The Tale of the Crippled Boy” Project. If enough visitors to the site could assist us just that much, The Tale of the Crippled Boy, would very rapidly become be self-sustaining. Anyone who Contributes $100 or more will receive a larger drawing (legal size envelope) and anyone Contributing $1000 or more will receive special mention in the credit roll of the film.  See Drawing samples below.  Your name and address will be filled into the blank area.

$50 Thank you Blank$50 Thank you Blank 2$50 Thank you Blank 1Available Work

View Working Drawings Here

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