Lyric Opera of Chicago has announced their 2017/2018 schedule.  A new production of Charles Gounod’s Faust Premiers in March 2018. The Production Credits will include:

Kevin Newbury   Director

John Frame  Production Designer

Vita Tzykun   Set and Costume Designer

David Adam Moore   Projection Designer

Duane Schuler   Lighting Designer

Academy Award for The Swan Girl

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (The Oscars) has given Johnny Coffeen one of this year’s Academy Awards for Student Directed Films for his work on “The Swan Girl.”  The 15 minute short is an experimental live action/stop-motion production in the “Alternative” category,  and was one of 17 films worldwide to be receive the Award  in 2016.  In addition to Directing and Editing the film, Coffeen also co-wrote the Screenplay with artist John Frame. Frame is credited for Art Direction, Animation, Score and Acting in the film.

NOTE from John: I am not currently providing a link to the Swan Girl pending a new edit of the material into my preferred final cut.  I hope to complete this in the near future, but for now, here is the Original Trailer:

Announcement of the Awards Link

Production Still from the Swan Girl

Sketching for Animation


Peter Parr’s excellent new book includes a four page spread of my sketches showing how the Grass Scene in “Three Fragments of a Lost Tale” was put together. Find it on Amazon.  It is an honor to have been included.  Thanks Peter!

Artist John Frame’s Introspective Mountain Cabin

Artist John Frame's Introspective Mountain Cabin

Photographer/Writer Jessica Isaac visited our home and put this set of shots and observations about the house together for Apartment Therapy in February of 2016.  Laura and I were very grateful for the care and attention she gave the house that we have lived and worked in for the past 30 years or so.  See the shoot here:

PDX Talk

On March 18, 2012,  California sculptor, filmmaker, and photographer John Frame shared thoughts on his work and the fantastical world of Three Fragments of a LostTales before a sold out crowd at the Portland Art Museum. (Click Here to See/Hear the Talk.)

I really enjoyed doing this talk at the Portland Art Museum.  If you want to hear me give a broad overview of the work, this would probably be my first choice.       John

With a “LITTLE MAN” created by John Frame, Metallica 3D Concert Film “Through the Never” Opens in iMax Theaters Nationwide


UPDATE:  I sincerely wish I could produce copies of Little Man for all of you who have made requests, but I do not own the copyright at this point, Metallica does.   For folks pursuing the subject, please contact the Metallica organization directly.  I believe they are located in the Bay Area and called “Hit the Lights”. Best to you all!  John

John Frame INK/TED talk in Jaipur, India

INK2011: Power of the Journey

John Frame: Sculpting visual poetry – December 8 – 11, 2011 in Jaipur, India

Think of INK as a curator of contemporary oral history. We do an extensive global search to find the best ideas to invite to our events. Our cornerstone event is the annual INK Conference in association with TED, which brings together the world’s movers and shakers who then share ideas. The exchange of stories, ideas and dreams does not start nor stop at the conference; it is merely one of the many methods that facilitate the open exchange. In addition to our annual conference, INK also hosts KIDSInk and INK salons, mini conferences, across the globe. If you are interested in hosting an INK salon in your community or campus, please contact us.

(Click here to See/Hear John Frame’s Ink in association with TED talk given in Jaipur, India on December 10, 2011)

Siggraph 2013 Computer Animation Festival


Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 3.09.55 PMThis year I had the opportunity to serve as a juror for the 2013 Siggraph Animation Festival.  It was a fascinating look at how the selection process for a major animation festival works.  The three day selection juror’s event took place on the Disney Animation campus in Burbank, California and over that period we screened nearly 300 entries from all over the world.  Other Jurors included representatives from LAICA, WETA, Disney and Pixar among others.  Here’s a Link to a Youtube video of some of the work screened.


The Seattle Times

Artlandia: A cultural getaway in Portland

By Michael Upchurch | Seattle Times arts writer | Original article is here

 At the Portland Art Museum, the Mark Rothko exhibit includes 45 works of the highly regarded 20th-century painter who spent part of his life in Portland.


At the Portland Art Museum, the Mark Rothko exhibit includes 45 works of the highly regarded 20th-century painter who spent part of his life in Portland. Cultural life is singularly concentrated in Portland. Walk just 20 blocks and you can hit most of the city’s major museums, galleries and performance venues, plus scores of restaurants and cafes.

Sure, there’s arts activity happening elsewhere in the city. But for the out-of-town visitor, especially anyone arriving by train, it’s a great feeling to exit Portland’s Union Station and know so many attractions are in strolling distance.

Portland Art Museum: “Mark Rothko” is the big-name draw here, but “John Frame: Three Fragments of a Lost Tale” is the unexpected knockout. Both exhibits are up through May 27.

The Rothko retrospective reveals that before Mark Rothko was “Mark Rothko,” he was Marcus Rothkowitz, and before he was an abstract expressionist he was a figurative painter. He came to Portland from Russia at age 10 in 1913 and spent about a decade in the city before heading for New York. In 1933, the Portland Art Museum gave him his first one-man museum show, and he had family ties to the city for most of his life (1903-1970).

“Mark Rothko” starts with a rather tame still-life from 1926 and ends with two black/gray abstract canvases from 1969 that all but spell “dead end” (Rothko killed himself the next year). In between, however, there’s an energizing evolution of visual ideas, gradually morphing from fanciful, distorted figures to ever-bolder abstractions. By 1950, he finds his signature style: huge pulsating lozenges of color that seem almost to vibrate off the canvas while pulling you into shadowy realms.

As illuminating as the Rothko exhibit is, the John Frame show is even better. Frame is a California artist who works with puppets, photography and stop-action animation. The show is theatrically spot-lit in the dim gallery. Oddball hybrid creatures made from found materials come to spooky life as a soundtrack scored by Frame plays in the background.

(Original article is here)

Film Updates: New DVD Cover Art

It seemed like time to update everyone about our progress with the film.  In addition to having screened during the show at the Huntington Library and now the Portland Art Museum, we have also had some success in the film festivals. As you can see from the redesigned DVD cover, we have made it into several festivals including the upcoming Seattle International Film Festival, the largest event of its kind in the US.  We were thrilled to be included and wanted to update the cover in preparation for the third pressing.  Our sincere thanks to all who have supported the project by Donating to the cause and buying Catalogs and DVDs, and Photos… is quite literally what keeps us going financially for the time being.  Work on Part II of the Tale is proceeding slowly and we are currently looking for an East Cost Venue for the Exhibition.  All is well.  Thanks!  John

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