The Tale of the Crippled Boy

The Tale of the Crippled Boy is an ongoing project whose end goal is a feature-length collection of animated and live film vignettes. Over the last six years, with help from only a few family members and close friends, I have created thirty-five individual characters, built the sets, photographed the work, completed and scored approximately twelve minutes of animation, while treating each element as a work of art in its own right.



Part I of the project, Three Fragments of a Lost Tale, was exhibited at the Huntington Library in 2011, and at the Portland Art Museum in 2012. Part II is now under way at the studio.  I hope you will be as intrigued by this world as I have been, and that you will in some way contribute to the continuation of the work. – John Frame

“Fine Art is that in which the Head, the Heart and the Hand go together.” – John Ruskin


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